The Little White Wedding Chapel Elopement

I've got to say, when Patrycja sent me the email attaching a stock photo of the suit from ASOS Krystian was going to wear during their elopement at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, my jaw literally dropped. I knew I was in for a treat with these two. Their personalities shined bright during our session, and so did their ensemble. The suit was embroidered, not only with pastel-like colors, but with GOLD. GOLD. Her dress was also lined in gold stitching as well, she commented that she had planned for that to happen. So fashionable if you ask me!

The ceremony was short and sweet, as they sat in the Pink Cadillac, exchanging tradional vows to each other. We walked around the chapel to snap a few photos and then went to downtown Las Vegas aka Fremont Street to get more photos. They were stopped a lot of times by patrons admiring their outfits and issued a few high fives. We ended our evening near Container Park where they were famished and decided on a quick bite!  

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