Museum of Dream Space Las Vegas

When Stephanie mentioned to me that she wanted to find a place in Las Vegas that was super unique and she mentioned Museum of Dream Space, I said, SAY NO MORE and SAY YES to Museum of Dream Space, located in the Palazzo, Las Vegas. Just like many couples planning a wedding during COVID, they didn't want to wait any longer, so Las Vegas was the answer. They have plans in the future to get married at Cesar's Palace in Las Vegas at a later date, but could not wait to seal the deal. They stayed at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino for their wedding night, and we ventured off to Museum of Dream Space for the ceremony. The coolest place and hippest, especially if you're into that influencer life and want super neat photos. Stephanie and Frank got married in the Gold Room by Officiant Alex with Peachy Keen Unions, and I was their witness! We took photos all around the area. It was a super amazing opportunity and an amazing deal. You can rent out the MODS for an hour after closing for just about $500. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. So, what do you think? Would you get married at the Museum of Dream Space Las Vegas? Or any of the other locations they have across the US?
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