Leah and Flo Elope in Las Vegas

What's a better way to start off my busy season by these two wanting tattoos after their vow renewal?!

Leah and Flo decided they wanted something low-key, and not hectic.  Flew in from Germany to embark on a trip up north to San Fran, down to southern California, Las Vegas, and next stop up to Bishop, THEN South Lake Tahoe. Man! I'm incredibly jealous!

Leah and I have been chatting for months and when it came to discussing what kind of shoot she wanted, she mentioned they were getting tattoos (apparently he didn't know they we going to until a few weeks ago -SURPRISE!) So, I knew exactly what we should do. I'm going to document it! Freaking SCORE! We met in downtown las Vegas at Downtown Tattoo. She got three mountain tops, he got an anchor. It took not even an hour! Then they treated me to some Shake Shack (burgers are their thing around their anniversary) and chatted about German taxes and them living in an apartment that was built in 1904! And inviting myself and my family to visit! (HECK YEAH) I don't think we have any buildings left in Las Vegas built from then! They plan on having a burgers and beer reception with their friends next year, something laid back where the kids can be loud and the price to put something on like that wouldn't be so high. 

Plot twist!

He took HER last name! She told me that she wouldn't be giving up her last name unless it's for a royal title. Flo said that their family should all have the same last name so he decided to take on hers, and baby L had her last name since the beginning. Talk about freaking awesome. I have defintely heard of it, but never really met someone who has done that and I find that extrememly powerful. 


Anywho, I hope you fellas enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them! 

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