35mm Film is back, WHY?!

When I say, 35mm film is coming back, it is coming BACK.  

People are feeling nostalgic, with the VHS, Polaroids, camcorders, disposable cameras, shitty little FujiFilm point and shoots from the early 2000s and now adding on 35mm film to their weddings and/or elopements. I don't blame them, you can't replicate the look of film, trust me, I've tried it. There's something exciting about taking a photo and not knowing what you're going to get, and when you get the film developed, you raise the roof,  because the film came out and BAM! Now, you're a film photographer. Hashtags everywhere, displaying that you shoot film now, adding that to your Instagram profile, Kodak Portra 400 over everythinggggg because it's your safe haven and you're picky about how your photos look. 

Hi, it's me, I'm Erin and I'm the problem. I'm a Las Vegas based photographer who shoots film, digital, and Polaroid. I grew up with film, with my first barbie film camera, taking photos of my dolls and hoping they come out. I vaguely remember my first time getting my film developed, I cut off alot of the doll's heads and it was extremely blurry because, you know...it was a cheap barbie camera with 110 film. 

Film isn't going anywhere, my friends. Since the pandemic, us photographers are burnt the fuck out. We want to cling onto something more artistic, and film is there just like our best friend at 1am holding our hair back while we puke our brains out in a downtown divebar. There's something about film that adds an extra touch to a gallery. Whether it be a blurry laugh, a photo that focuses on grandma smiling at the couple, a photo that didn't come out fully, but you still add it to the gallery because WALAH, it's film and you know the couple will appreciate it. 

If you're just starting out with film, this is what I did! 

I read reviews on the best point and shoot film camera. Anything user friendly would be the bees knees. I started with an Olympus MJU ii and then got a Canon Sure Shot right after. The shutter in the Canon Sure Shot was starting to slow, so I stopped using that one as much. My current favorite film cameras are the Canon EOS V1 with one of my EF lenses, I mostly use my 35 1.4ii with that camera and my Canon 430ex speedligh flash, I also use the Contax G2 with a flash attachment. She's a pretty penny but more practical when I shoot elopements. They're both very great and fun to use. When I just want something small to fit in my pocket, I bring my Olympus MJU ii. 

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