2020: Why Elopements in Las Vegas are the new Trend!

"Hi there! We were planning a huge wedding this year but due to Covid, we decided to elope in Las Vegas instead!"
This has been the most common booking of mine in 2020. The Las Vegas Elopement, and why you should consider eloping. 

A lot of couples are afraid of eloping because they are scared of what either their parents are going to say, or their friends. Hence, why photography is so damn important here, you'll have these photos for years to come to look back on, and show your family/friends.

You should feel relaxed on your wedding day, drink some mimosas, have a little breakfast before the makeup artist arrives at your hotel. (YES, PLEASE EAT BEFORE!).  Take in your wedding day bliss, because it will only happen once.  This day should be about YOU and your significant other. No one else. Bigger weddings mean more expenses, more headaches if things go wrong (and yes, they definetely can!), and less about the couple getting married. Sure, a bigger wedding is a huge celebration, but wouldn't you want it to be more intimate with each other when you say your vows? 

Las Vegas has always been the playground for weddings. I mean, this city is the wedding capital of the world. Or, it use to be, before COVID.  Tourism has died in the last 6 months, which means cheaper hotels, cheaper airfare and bigger opportunites! More the reason to considering eloping, and why many couples are eloping instead. Plus, Las Vegas has AMAZING options for food! YES FOOD!

  The marriage license here is $77. Chapels are a huge thing in Las Vegas. Did you know you can also get married in the middle of the dry lake beds? Hire an officiant, photographer to document and BAM, married in the desert.  There is NO waiting period once you get your marriage license from the Clark County Marriage License Bureau, and it's good for up to a year (meaning - you can get married up to a year after getting your marriage license). 

Tip: hire your photographer for a few hours! Don't want getting ready photos? That's ok! After the ceremony, go have lunch/dinner, (In n Out is popular to newlyweds here), and have your photographer take photos in your wedding attire!  Get a tattoo!  Go golfing at Top Golf! Rent a bad ass car to get photos taken in. This is the joy of eloping in Las Vegas, make the day YOURS. Remember to bring a lot of water, especially if you decide to get married during the spring/summer time. It can get upwards to 100 plus degrees. 

Let's be real here. COVID and 2020 has done a toll on all of us. Planning a huge wedding can be the pits, so plan an elopement or micro wedding in Las Vegas instead. We have a lot to offer. 

Chapels: (that allow you to bring your own photographer -some for a fee):

  • Sure Thing Chapel (no additional fee)
  • A Little White Wedding Chapel ($150 fee)
  • Little Vegas Chapel  (unknown fee)


  • The Doyle (for micro weddings)
  • Neon Museum  (you can also do your bridals here)
  • You can also hire just the officiant and photographer and get married in front of the murals in Downtown Las Vegas! Hire a photographer who knows where all the sweet spots are in Las Vegas!
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